Why you should keep up with your exercise over Christmas

Exercise is important all year round no matter what holiday season it is, I am going to give a few reasons why you should keep up with exercise over the Christmas period. When you stop exercising and your diet starts to take a dip you will start losing all the progress and gains you’ve made previous. Another easier way around this is even if your strap for time or you’ve just not got the motivation, is to cut down your sessions so if your usual workout routine is 5 sessions per week cut it down to 2/3 sessions per week. The reason for this is so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked hard for, you won’t see as big results going 2/3 times per week than you would 5 times per week but you won’t lose everything as you’ll be maintaining what you already have.

You will still be burning calories over the Christmas period as you’ve been working out, January won’t feel like you’ve got to start a fresh all over again as you’ve carried on through the Christmas period. Also you can enjoy an empty gym as most people take a “break” when Christmas comes around and you’ll be 10 steps ahead of them. Getting into the “vicious cycle”is a big problem for people over Christmas, you might just leave the gym for one day which turns into a whole week. This is not what you want as one day off realistically won’t do you any harm but a whole week you would start losing your results. A personal trainer is a great investment during and after the festive seasons and that motivation will be there pushing you throughout.

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