The solution

✅ THE NEW ERA OF TRAINING HAS ARRIVED ✅ SamBarfieldFitness has been working around the clock to ensure you can STILL achieve your goals! As everyone is self isolating here is a solution to ensure to can keep physically and mentally fit. What your new package includes: ✅ Online/remote sessions to keep you on track to achieve your goals ✅ Workout to suit every environment (home & gym) ✅ Nutritional programme & logging through MFP ✅ An ideal food list to go with it ✅ Screening test to see how strong your immune system is ✅ opportunity (depending on your sessions p/week) for the chance of buy 1 get 1 FREE ✅ Access to WhatsApp for any questions, advice or support ✅ PT folder to ensure you reach your goals ✅ Goal setting and re-programming every 4 weeks to ensure results ✅ FREE equipment hire ✅ 5 x FREE passes for a friend or family member to try a session ✅ Access to our facebook VIP group See this as your ‘Sky/Netflix’ subscription to stay in shape and get results.

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