The most important 3 factors of Health

Nutrition is a very important factor to a balanced healthy lifestyle, it gives you your energy from food and also gives you the right nourishment and nutrients so survive in day to day life. Without having this important part its like being trained by a personal trainer with no knowledge on how to exercise safely and effectively. The problem with nutrition online is that they’re so many different articles and theories, it can taint your view on what a healthy nutritional diet should look like.

The second factor of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. A humans body survives on sleep, you know yourself if you have a bad night sleep (2/3 hours) compared to a good un-interrupted sleep (7/8 hours) you feel much better than with the latter. Here are a few benefits why sleep is good on the body reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure, helps your bodies immune system and many more. The easiest way to get a good nights sleep is make a routine, no caffeine before bed etc.

The body is made to move around and not sit around all day, a great way of doing this is through exercise. Whether this be with your personal trainer or by yourself there are many benefits of working out. Exercising is great for your mental health as there are chemicals released called Endorphins this in the fitness world is called the “the feel good factor”, so after you workout and you feel good about yourself this is the chemical making that happen. Another great thing about exercise it can suit anyone whether it be your looking to lose weight or gain muscle there are many different types of training to suit all needs. The final one that people don’t know they can benefit from is energy levels, studies have shown after a few weeks of exercise peoples energy levels are boosted massively.

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