Rest days

Today I’m going to talk to you about the importance of rest days. Some would say resting your body is just as important as training it, you can’t get physically fitter if you just keep ripping the muscle fibres. You’ll be surprised how many people think training 6/7 times a week is the right thing to do. Resting is just as important as nutrition, sleep and exercise you need all of these components to get results.

Resting should look something like this depending on training type when throughout your week...

Monday: Workout

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Workout

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Workout

Saturday: Workout/Rest (one or the other)

Sunday: Workout/Rest (one or the other)

This 7 day training regime is what your week should look like for beginners as your body start getting more use to exercise you can then increase to maybe a 2 day spilt with 1 day rest, e.g Monday/Tuesday: workout, Wednesday: rest, Thursday/Friday: workout and Saturday/Sunday: rest. There are loads of different ways to train the body but you will only get out what you put in if you rest enough you will see results if you overtrain you will crash and burn out.

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