New year, New you

The new year is the perfect time to start your fitness journey. If it be a New Years resolution or just wanting to change for the better, New Years is always a great time to start. Having a personal trainer can help you at this time of year, it is essential you learn the correct way to carry out exercise and recovery if it be from basic technique and form or nutritional information. Over 50% of people in the United Kingdom say their new resolutions is to lose weight and tone up and by February 80% would have failed.

Here are 3 tips to help you stick to your New Years resolution…

1. Get specific about your goals. Learn how to train for certain things, if your training for weight loss but training muscle gain specific in your sessions then your using the wrong training methods. You will not see the results as these training methods do the total opposite, do your homework before training.

2. Exercise whenever you can. Even if you can only train for 30 minutes, this is better than nothing. It’s all about commitment you need to find the time in your diary to achieve your goal and finding the time to do this is number one. No exercise no results!

3. A healthy balance diet. This is so important as you’ve got all different parts of your diet helping your body function e.g fibre helping the body digest food, carbohydrates giving your body energy to function and many more. It’s all about fitting it in to your schedule, instead of missing breakfast have a healthy smoothie that you can have on the go.

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