Investing in a personal trainer

Seeing a personal trainer as an investment is not how most people see paying for a personal trainer, a personal trainer is more than just paying for a someone so you can learn how to exercise. They start understanding how your body works and how to get the best out of it. An example of this is if your by yourself you think you can only bench 80kg because you don’t feel like you can go heavier and self doubt will kick in a personal trainer will be there to give you that extra push and get you that 90kg bench press (10kg increase).

It’s not just a case of a personal trainer shouting at you to push more weight (in this case) there are proven strategies behind this. For example trying to increase your bench press there will be a mixture of hypertrophy and weight lifting training to achieve this. No one can go into a bench press and press 150kg (unless your super human) it takes time, dedication and hard work. A personal trainer makes this process easier for you, This is why you should look at it as an investment. Think about it what’s the point in wasting time exercising when your not getting the most out of your sessions.

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