Boxing Training

Boxing is a great type of training physically and mentally it has proven benefits. Physically boxing is a mixture of cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance helps in the prevention of things like heart disease, heart attack, stroke etc. If your working towards a goal boxing training is a great way to improve overall strength and conditioning, boxing is great and in all my experience of personal training boxing is a winner and gets results! The technical side of why boxing helps the body physically change is it engages the whole body from the glutes all the way up to the biceps.

The mental side of boxing training, you can switch of from the outside world and just get into your zone. It’s proven its excellent stress relief and releases endorphins into the body, if your doing boxing training with your personal training your never alone so your in it together which is great for motivation! Like any type of training it helps you learn a lot about yourself if it be pushing yourself through the last 10 seconds or being in them final rounds! It builds mental health as well as physical strength.

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