Starting out as a bodybuilder is always hard, if it be just trying to put on some muscle mass or going to the elite level of a competing in a competition. A personal trainer is a great resource to use when trying bodybuilding style training, most people do not even know the basics when taking up this type of training . Today in this blog I’m going to explain to you the basic of bodybuilding.

1. Knowing the difference between training for strength or hypertrophy is two massive factors, you should have a mixture of both in your training regime. Strength training reps/sets should look like this 4-7 sets with a rep range of 1-5 with an intensity of 80%. Hypertrophy sets are 3-5 with reps of 8-12 working at intensity of 60% knowing the difference between these is essential.

2. Compound movements are one of the key lifts to incorporate into your session. When you start out you will see isolation exercises everywhere (dumbbell bicep curls) these are not the basic, you need to hit the big compounds first. Your big lifts are things like deadlift, bench press, squats and dumbbell shoulder press.

3. Listen to your body, if your body feels sore and aches have a rest. You can then go again the next day and get more out your session, it’s simple your muscles grow when your out of the gym not in it. Learning to listen to your body will be the key to your success. When you bring all the key factors together rest, diet, exercise this is when you start seeing real results.

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